Our Mandate

Our Mandate:

As a humble member of the large family of Iranian Red Crescent Society, we take pride in providing services in line with the grand objectives of the I. R. of Iran and in parallel with the Red Cross Organization. 
 First and foremost, our main objective consists in providing our noble nation with effective drugs wherever in Iran and making our services available in the remotest locations across the country.
 As an efficient entity, we the insiders of Soha Helal Distribution Co. have, at our disposal, the best soft- and hardware facilities and take due advantage of our experienced and committed personnel, do our utmost to provide services to our compatriots, services quite distinguished from rendered by our competitors.
 Our main feature, which makes us quite distinguished compared to our peers, is the presentation of various capillary delivery drugs, especially those which are specialty-grade or found scarcely, across our country with no reward neither gratitude in mind.
 In all our transactions, preservation of the values whether religious, social or national is the first privilege.
 We do our almost to relieve the agony and heal the grieves of the patients and those suffering from pain and discomfort.
  We are committed to and answerable for the consequences and results of our activities and plans.
 We are always striving to upgrade the level of our drug-distribution services and abide by the prevailing standards, both national and international, to meet our customers satisfaction.
 We are faithful to the quality management criteria and prerequisites (sustained and permanent improvement, developing opportunities, strengthening the values attached by the customers, full cooperation of the personnel), in a bid to ensure ever better satisfaction of our clientele.
 Providing services to our compatriots, fidelity to labor culture and responsibility are among the most important commitments of our company.