Managing Directors Message

Managing Directors Message:
Soha Helal Distribution Co. (Private J.S.) joined the circle of the Iranian drug distribution companies in 2009, in order to distribute the capillary-delivery drugs and especially those which are specialty-grade or found scarcely. Now and with creation of 15 our drug-distribution centers in the remotest locations in Iran, our company strives to cover all provinces and major cities across the country under its distribution network.
Acting as an executive arm to the Ministry of Health tackling diligently with the different crises, our Company has, ever since its inception, endeavored to efficiently contribute to the materialization of the grand objectives ahead of Iranian healthcare system and Red Crescent Society by timely supplying and distributing drugs across the country.
Strengthening the effectiveness of our Companys drug basket, positive and widespread interaction with other pharmaceutical companies of sound reputation which are actively and efficiently conducting activities in our country, especially in less economically-developed areas are all preoccupations which our company strives to materialize in order to provide the Iranian society at large with the undeniable gift of health.