Ethics Profile

Ethics Profile

In a bid to help materialize the objectives and mandate of Soha Helal Distribution Co. as regards upgrading the quality and promoting the scientific management of drug distribution across the country, we the personnel of Soha Helal Distribution Co. hereby commit ourselves to faithfully execute and implement the principles as outline in the Companys ethics profile: 

1) To attach utmost importance in all our transactions to the preservation of values either religious, social or national.

2) To commit ourselves to the trustworthiness, mutual confidence and faithfulness that befits the Medical Supplies Organization and to abide by the same.

3) To fulfill our assignments and duties diligently with full and due observation of the prevailing laws, rules and regulations to the best possible manner.

4) To do our best upgrade our skills, qualifications and level of education.

5) To put, solely, at the disposal of the Medicals Supplies Organization, our capabilities, experiences and knowledge.

6) To do our upmost to bring to fruition the outstanding and well-deserved contribution of Company in terms of relieving the agony and healing the grieves of the patients and those suffering from pain and discomfort.

7) To deem discipline, order and decent clothing apparel in harmony with our national and Islamic cultures as well as punctuality as major criteria and prerequisites ensuring our success within the framework of the Medical Supplies Organization.

8) To Safeguard and protect the Companys facilities, properties and assets to the best possible manner.

9)  To be committed to and answerable for the consequences and results of our activities and plans.

10) To endeavor to materialize the customers satisfaction, to upgrade the level of our services regarding drug distribution and to abide by the standards, both national and international, whilst stressing on the collective labor culture.

11) To strive to derive the highest profitability from the available resources and facilities by full observing the principles of economy, avoiding luxury and refraining from giving rise to unjustified expenditures.

12) To be faithful to the quality management criteria and prerequisites (sustained and permanent improvement, developing opportunities, strengthening the values attached by the customers, full cooperation of the personnel).

13) We are firmly confident that the enhancement, both qualitative and quantitative, of the Companys activities and mandate together with upgrading the effectiveness are essential for success.

14) To welcome any comment, criticism and/or suggestion by the customers as are vital prerequisites ensuring growth and improving  the qualitive level of services.

15) To behave with the customers and clientele respectfully and with due composure and dignity.